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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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How did you get my email?


As we describe in the Methodology, we have identified participants via a four-stage sampling protocol. We have first established a list of 50 countries, identified 10 universities in each country, retraced the websites of all social sciences departments in those universities, and collected all emails publicly displayed in those pages. About 157,000 emails were retrieved using this protocol.


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Is the data collected anonymous?

Following principles of open science, we will make available all collected data to all interested scholars, for replication and re-analysis, via our dedicated OSF repository. Importantly, all information released will be fully anonymized. No personal information will be made public, in any way or form (e.g., email of participants)


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What are you doing with the data?


Our goal is to map practices of peer reviewing is social sciences worldwide. Data will be used to write scientific articles investigating who reviews what, when, and how. our dedicated OSF repository includes a series of pre-registrations that detail some of the expectations that will be tested with the data collected.

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Who is funding this study?


The study is based at the Amsterdam School of Communication research (ASCoR), University of Amsterdam. The consortium is composed by scholars who are volunteering their time. We did not receive any funding. You can learn more about the people involved in the project here. If you are a funding body and would like to contribute to our project, please contact us at

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Can I participate to the research consortium?


Absolutely! If you are interested in taking an active role in our consortium (i.e., participate to regular online meetings, design further studies, implement data collection, and participate to joint outputs), please send us an email with a short motivation and your cv to

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